General characteristics

Melanocytic lesions are diffuse or circumscribed, benign, or malignant tumors arising from melanocytes of the leptomeninges (Jellinger et al. 2000).

They include:

  • diffuse melanocytosis (diffuse melanosis) and
  • neurocutaneous melanosis,
  • melanocytoma,
  • malignant melanoma. Intermediate or mixed cases may occur.

Imaging and Location

Melanocytoma accounts for 0.06–0.1% of brain tumors; the other melanocytic lesions are rarer. These lesions typically occur in the fifth decade of life with a femaleto-male ratio of 2:1. Diffuse melanocytosis involves the supratentorial and infratentorial leptomeninges; melanocytomas occur as solid masses in the cranial and spinal compartments.

On both CT and MRI, the features of melanocytic lesions are similar to those of meningiomas


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