Exam №: 4976
Created: 28.10.2018 11:56
Study at: 28.10.2018
Age: 25
Sex: M
Race: Europeoid
Research area: Brain
    • Hemimegalencephaly Hemimegalencephaly (/Brain/Anomalies of development/Change of size the brain/Hemimegalencephaly)
    • Arachnoid cyst of the middle cranial fossa Arachnoid cyst of the middle cranial fossa (/Brain/Anomalies of development/Cysts due to neuroepithelial abnormality/Arachnoid cysts/Supratentorial arachnoid cysts/Arachnoid cyst of the middle cranial fossa)
    • Subdural hemorrhages Subdural hemorrhages (/Brain/Traumatic brain injury/Subdural hemorrhages)
      • Localization: Supratentorial region
      • Size: Small subdural hematoma
      • Stage: Chronic calcified subdural hematomas
Method: MRI simple
Reliability: 4
Meta exams:
Dicom: How view examination