Primary cns Lymphoma

Primary CNS lymphoma MRI T2 axial


  • supratentorial mass(70%)infratentorial (30%) or multiple (30-40%) lesions;

  • MRI T2 iso- to hypointense T1 hypointense;

  • vasogenic edema, no central necrosis;

  • they are most frequently in older patients (50-80 years of age)

    90%), and young with HIV/AIDS and other immunocompromised states;

  • primary CNS lymphomas are B-cell in origin

  • crossing the corpus callosum is infrequently seen

  • restricted diffusion with ADC typically 400-600 x 10-6 mm2/s

  • CT most lesions are hyperattenuating shows homogeneous enhancement


Contrast enhancement

  • typical high-grade tumors show intense homogeneous enhancement


Treatment & prognosis

  • steroids (which can dramatically shrink a tumor due to combined anti-edema and cytotoxic effects) and methotrexate-based chemotherapy.



  • Tumor can be significantly reduced in size, however, recurrence is common, with a median survival ~ 2,5 years.



Primary CNS lymphoma MRI DWI axial
Primary CNS lymphoma MRI T1 contrast enhancement coronal
Primary CNS lymphoma CT axial
Primary CNS lymphoma PET-CT 18-FDG
Primary CNS lymphoma MRI T2 axial_morphology
Primary CNS lymphoma MRI DWI/ADC
Primary CNS lymphoma CT
Primary CNS lymphoma MRI contrast
Primary CNS lymphoma MRI dynamic